Ralph Lauren Outlet Online – There is no perfect Thing


POLO Ralph Lauren is always thought to be the most fashionable, the best luxury apparel brand, it enjoys quite large fans and consumers, but it also gets complaints. Recently, many Twitter users are complaining Ralph Lauren’s Olympic sweater, which was as symbolic of in-your-face American patriotism what with the stars, the stripes and the unabashed corporate branding for Polo. Or you could call it an ugly Christmas sweater, as some did on Twitter.

“Annnnnddd Team USA takes the gold in the ugly sweater competition,” tweeted one observer after the opening ceremony Friday. “OH NO! Why is Team USA wearing Cosby Show sweaters?” cried out another Twitter user.

But there is a fact, the $595 sweater in both men’s and women’s version has sold out on the brand’s online store rapidly, and what’s the most exaggerated thing is that some entrepreneurial types who swooped in and bought in bulk have already jacked up the price on the sweater to $2,325 and even higher on eBay. Whether they’ll be modeled in next year’s ironic holiday cards is another story.

You may recall that this is Lauren’s second brush with complaints about his uniforms, although this one is more of a matter of taste. At London’s Summer Olympic games in 2012, he was blasted for having his Olympic uniforms for American athletes made in China, and the uniforms were turned out to be poorly made. At that time, he vowed to make the Sochi Winter Olympics uniforms in the United States, and he has stuck to his word.

This time around, the sweaters were made in the City of Commerce, California, by a company called Ball of Cotton. “One sweater takes more than 12 hours,” Elizabeth Park, who co-owns the business with her husband Eddy Park, told the Los Angeles Times.” There are lots of hand whip-stitching, and it goes through many hands.”

Therefore, Lauren announced that he was plunking down $500,000 to support New York apparel manufacturing in  last fall, this makes him a “premier underwriter” of the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative.

Whether you like the sweater or not, it’s a improvement of made in the USA.