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The new Rolex Day-Date in platinum

Some of Rolex’s releases present Rolex-specific updates. The kind of stuff that won’t excite anyone outside the watch world and will make those who pretend not to like replica Rolex roll their eyes. As an example, the new Deepsea Seaman has a slightly modified bezel and a modified clasp. This constitutes the new version for 2022.  3615fdbb700f82ca939d11faab9e90ca bd39b822628e7800b6cf098ea61a860b-600x400 bd425373249eb8495aff6d388ce9e3f6-600x400
As with every Rolex release this cycle, we must start with the teaser video from the first few days of “Watches & Wonders”. Some keen-eyed observers may have noticed some hints of a precious metal-centric image and a fluted bezel. Various theories began to emerge online that the watch was actually a Day-Date. and these theories proved to be correct.
This is a platinum Day-Date with a fluted bezel …… So what? Well, the Day-Date in platinum is only ever seen on a smooth, polished platinum bezel and the iconic powder blue dial. And there’s a reason for that. Platinum is notoriously difficult to work with and tends to make the machines that touch it looks pretty bad. The fluted bezel is a rather intricate cut of metal that yields a detailed and visually interesting alternative to the expense of standard polishing or brushing. It has become an iconic bezel design for Rolex models, including the Day-Date and Datejust – hey, even the Sky-Dweller has been added to the mix.
Progressive change is essential. Not every new release blows us away. I have to think this is the version Rolex has always had, and I think it’s much cooler than they’ve been releasing this watch in a smooth bezel configuration for so many years. But the thing is, a watch that feels both old and new – like it’s always been part of the mix – is a winning release.
Aesthetically, the dial is actually the same as before, with an icy blue sunburst finish. Both models have Rolex Roman numerals. the 40 mm version has a blue seconds hand and newer Roman numerals. The bracelet is one of the best in the game, with a hidden clasp – honestly, once it’s on your wrist, you’ll forget how much the watch weighs. Inside is the impressive caliber 3255 with Chonergy escapement and a 70-hour power reserve.
Platinum isn’t for everyone – and certainly only for those willing to demand the price of a platinum Rolex. This is the kind of watch that dreams are made of. I put it on and think about what I could be if I wore it every day. But I can also appreciate the technical achievement of making a bezel and allowing this new version to existing in the world. Sure, it doesn’t have luminous markers or indexes, but who cares? The platinum shines bright enough.

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