2014 New Luxury POLO Ralph Lauren Outlet

Not a rush decision, but a well-planned, the Ralph Lauren company has created a new position to oversee the global expansion of its luxury business.

They hired Valérie Hermann who is the former CEO of French Brand Saint Laurent Paris and handbag brand Reed Krakoff. To prepare the new role, she will begin her luxury Ralph Lauren designing at April 7. With this new hire, Ralph Lauren is able to centralize the strategy for all of its luxury portfolio, as well as focus on growing its luxury brands.

Valérie Hermann shall oversee the strategy, merchandising and distribution of Ralph Lauren’s luxury businesses. Included under the luxury umbrella are the men’s and women’s Collection brands, RRL, timepieces, fine jewelry, eyewear and fragrance.

However, other luxury brands have added roles to deal with the changing landscape of marketing. For instance, HBC’s new digital position did for the marketing of all of its umbrella retail chains, this move by Ralph Lauren will unite the strategy of all of the Ralph Lauren luxury labels, ensuring their cohesion.

Ralph Lauren has previously shown its dedication to a luxury audience. It showed its commitment to restoring historic Paris arts school École des Beaux-Arts by staging its first runway show Oct. 8 outside the United States at the venue.

Ralph Lauren’s restoration project gives brand  crazy fans a glimpse of what is important to the label in a way that diverges from normal fashion-focused initiatives. Collaborations that protect historical places or objects resonate with culturally-inclined consumers, no matter they are POLO Ralph Lauren fans or not.

Everyone has the faith that the new hire for Ralph Lauren might boost their luxury brands. See 2014 New Luxury POLO Ralph Lauren at our online shop here.

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